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Portable Coolers

This sleek little power house has an air throw of 25 feet and is ideal for rooms up to 125 sq. ft. This hush cooler thrives on very little energy as well. Its a advanced electronics make Diet 8E the most stylish cooler in its category. The only sounds you here while Diet 8E is functioning is your comments of appreciation. Don't the best things come in small packages?


Parameters DiET 8E
For Rooms up to     (sq. m. / sq. ft.) 12.5 / 125
Air throw dist    m / ft 7.5 / 25
Engg. Plastic (Blower / Fan) Blower
Speed Control Three
Motor    (RPM) 1400
Air delivery      m3 / hr / CFM 600 / 355
110V / 60Hz
Wattage               (W)
Max. Current       (A)

220V / 60Hz
Wattage               (W)
Max. Current       (A)


Water tank capacity       Gallons (US) 2
Remote Control Yes
Motorised louver movement Automatic
Ice Chamber Yes
Water inlet Top / Back
Mosquitor Net / Dust filter Yes
Water Level Indicator Yes
Cooling Media Honeycomb
Portability Yes
Multi-directional wheels Yes
Motor cover Yes
Product Dimensions (mm / inch)

300 / 12
330 / 13
730 / 29
Carton Dimensions (mm / inch)

340 / 13
350 / 14
755 / 30
Product Weight   (Kgs. / lbs) 7 / 16
Product Weight   (Kgs. / lbs)
(Incl. Packaging)
9 / 19
Unit Per 40 ft. container (HC) 714

* Under test conditions, actual may vary depending on the ambient conditions and the heat load. All specifications are approximate and may vary ± 10% of the specified value. All products are subject to continuous improvement. The company reserves the right to change specifications without any prior notice. Inverter has to be of appropriate rating and of good quality.

Key Features

For rooms up to 125 sq.ft*/12.5 sq.m.*


Powerful air throw with auto swing


2 gallons (US) tank (up to brim)


High efficiency Honeycomb pad


Ice chamber for enhanced cooling


Full function remote with 7 hrs. timer