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Initial years

  • Based on patented technology now widely known as ‘evaporative cooling’, IMPCO was founded in 1939 by visionary brothers Adam, Gust, and William Goettl.
  • In the 1940s, IMPCO became a market leader in evaporative air coolers in the US.
  • The company opened its first manufacturing and assembly plant in Monterrey, Mexico in 1955 to cater to the virgin market in Mexico.
  • After taking the company to the position of market leader, the Goettl brothers sold the company to a McGraw-Edison in 1960 which subsequently sold it to Arvin Industries, a leading auto parts manufacturer, in 1982.

1990 onwards

  • After acquiring both the US and the Mexican assets and consolidating its housewares division, incorporated as ArvinAir Inc., the company was rechristened AdobeAir in 1991.
  • The period from 1991 to 1999 saw the company changing many ownership hands before the original IMPCO brand was finally acquired by Symphony Ltd. in 2008.

Today, Symphony with its innovative design stewardship and manufacturing excellence has revolutionized the IMPCO brand and boasts of a world leading range of residential and industrial coolers.