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Symphony USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Symphony Limited, the world’s largest manufacturer of Residential, Commercial & Industrial air coolers. Serving customers in more than 60 countries, Symphony leverages its in-house lean manufacturing for centralized industrial air coolers with a strong distribution network in the US. Our products are used by reputed corporations and store chains in USA like Wal-Mart, General Electric, Lear Corporation, Jamarat Complex (Saudi Arabia) and more than 100 supermarkets in Mexico.
Symphony is a publicly traded company headquartered in India. We focus on innovative design to create better products that meet the cooling needs of millions of customers across the globe. In 2008, Symphony acquired the world’s first air cooler manufacturing company International Metal Products Company (IMPCO) in Mexico.

We deliver market-leading products with engineering and design innovation, improved energy conservation, distinctive styling and customer-centric design. We are leading the air-cooling industry's efforts to develop breakthrough green technologies to combat climate change.

As a responsible global brand, we are committed to the communities and markets in which we operate. At Symphony, environment responsibility is not just a business strategy; it is embedded in our business model.  With a growing appetite for environment-friendly products, we expect to capitalize on our first-mover advantage to achieve market leadership, brand premium and category dominance in a profitable and responsible manner.