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Air Coolers

Symphony provides evaporative air cooling solutions to help customers keep their surrounding environment cool and comfortable whether they’re at home, work or anywhere in the world. We provide domestic (plastic), commercial (heavy duty metal coolers) and industrial (metal cooler-machine made modular unit) air coolers across various models.

Employing an environment-friendly carbon reduction product strategy, Symphony air coolers offer a superior value proposition to air conditioners.

Do you know?

  • Air coolers are environment-friendly.  Unlike air conditioners, which release CFC gas, air coolers do not emit hazardous greenhouse gases responsible for global warming and other environment-related problems.
  • Air coolers consume only about 5-10% electricity compared to air conditioners.
  • Air coolers draw, filter and deliver fresh air, unlike air conditioners, which circulate stale air.
  • With power-saving technology, Symphony air coolers cool 750 sq. ft. while using just 0.18 units per hour compared to 1.8 units by an air conditioner.
  • An air cooler can be used in open spaces (gardens, terraces and verandas) where an air conditioner will not be effective.